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Vlada Bilovodenko

Contemporary dancer

Odesa, Ukraine

Vlada is a contemporary dancer. She was born in the Odesa region of Ukraine, but shortly after birth moved to Odesa itself and lived most of her life by the sea. She started dancing at the age of 5, and at the age of 17 she connected her life with dancing on a professional level.

Now the artist is 22 and she has a bachelor's degree in choreography, but Vlada did not stop there and received a bachelor's degree in management and is currently pursuing a master's degree.

For the last 2 years the dancer has been working as a coach at the Odesa Dance Studio. During this period, she initiated several successful projects (the dancer considers an improvisation evening "Watching, inspiring, dancing" at the Opera House one of such projects) and shot many different dance videos.

As an enterprising person sincerely in love with her work, Vlada gave many master classes in her native Odesa, attended dance workshops and camps on her own.

Prior to the escalation of the war in Ukraine, Vlada has established her own dance team called VYoung. They only managed to do a few works, however have already achieved considerable success (first places in the Ukrainian competitions Feel the Beat and Art Dance, invitations to collaborate).

Vlada sees great inspiration in nature, so she used to travel outside her hometown in Ukraine every week to get fulfilled with the special beauty and power of natural landscapes. The dancer associates herself with the element of fire, which needs to be in constant motion in order not to go out.

Like most people who were taken by surprise by the tragedy of war, Vlada did not have a specific plan of action. As Odesa was becoming more dangerous progressively and the artist lost her job due to martial law in the country, she dared to cross the border on foot, because only movement does not allow the fire to go out.

Despite all the doubts, wanderings, and the need of alternative income, Vlada did not abandon the idea of ​​dancing, which is probably why she eventually found herself in the artistic center of Europe - Berlin.

The dancer now sees the main motive of her work in observing the connection between emotional and physical experiences, the movement of the body-mediator of emotions in the dance, and the way of physical communication with the environment, which during such a large-scale crisis already has not even a personal, but rather a collective experience. 

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