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Viktoria Temnova


Kherson, Ukraine

Viktoriia Temnova (1993) is a photographer from Kherson, who moved to Kyiv in 2013.

From the very childhood, photography was her main passion, which ended up being her profession. Her works were published in such magazines as Naked magazine, Vogue Italia, Vogue Ukraine, L’Officiel Ukraine and Marie Claire. In 2022, after the start of the Russo-Ukrainian war, Viktoriia was temporarily relocated to Berlin. 

Viktoriia’s works contribute mainly to fashion photography, but her style lies on the border with art experiments. She gained her popularity because of the original aesthetics - play with color and silhouettes, theatrical stylization of images and dynamic composition of the shot. She researches a post-soviet soul in new conditions of Ukrainian reality and manifests a flow of life in the city and citizens’ attempts to survive in it. 

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