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Sofia Yesakova

Field of work

City, Ukraine

Multi-disciplinary artist. 23 y.o. Currently live and work in Berlin. 
Now I work a lot with gesso. It inspires me when the work gives a feeling of non-manufacturedness. Accordingly, the total ecological crisis mobilizes the efforts of both scientists and artists. I support Hegel's statement that the Pride of Generic Exclusivity must be replaced by the understanding that humans are only one of the "natural formations."


A philosophical and scientific rethinking of what man is in general and what his role is on this planet is necessary.

I use the language of minimalism, but I also focus on expressing my thoughts and emotions, reflecting and conveying the atmosphere, that is, what minimalism has tried to deny and possibly suppress.


For me, the balance between emotionality and rationality is important (the direction that prefers the mind to the senses in cognition, even turns away from sensory reality)

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