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About us

Ukrainian Cultural Community's exhibition space develops its program in collaboration with artists, artistic groups and curators, aiming to create a community and new audiences of contemporary art.


We are an Ukrainian Art Collective:

Anastasiia Pasechnik - Art Director, Co-Founder

Our Curatorial Board helps us develop the concept further:

Sybill Schulz - Program, Supervisory Board WeiberWirtschaft eG

Maya Miteva - Setup & Operations, Co-Founder SCOPE BLN gUG


The Initiators of the project are 4 women who sought to help Ukrainian creatives seeking refuge from the war: Maya Miteva, Sybill Schulz, Irit Kesselmann-Miller and Anais Cosneau. 

We are supported by various organizations:

SCOPE BLN gUG, WeiberWirtschaft eG, Happy Immo Club

Lena Pozdnyakova, Anastasiia Pasechnik - Web Graphics and Artworks

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