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Our space allows for rather private and by invitation events that focus on building the bridge between various audiences, communities, and cultures through the context of contemporary art, music, and dance forms.

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Ukrainian Cultural Community (formerly known as Art Shelter) is a place for Ukrainian creatives to live, work and show their art in a safe space away from war. This project in Berlin-Charlottenburg is a bridge between two cultures in a time of war.


We are a platform in Berlin providing an Artists-in-Residence program for Ukrainian artists from the fields of painting, photography, film, dance, fashion, acting, and music.


We provide a shared multifunctional space for studios and exhibitions and private events. By connecting local and Ukrainian creatives, we explore the cultural bridge between Germany and Ukraine and between the East and the West.


Through events, artist talks, studio visits, and exhibitions, we would like to focus on intercultural topics, the integration of cultures, and art as the bridge to redefine our society.


UCC exhibition space develops its program in collaboration with artists, artistic groups, and curators, aiming to create a community and new audiences of contemporary art.

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Our Artists-in-Residence program invites Ukrainian artists, filmmakers, designers, dancers, musicians, and theorists to explore actual topics and cultural problematics and themes within the context of contemporary art.


Take a glance of Art Shelter projects.

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We collaborate with various art institutions and are being supported by private individuals and organizations.

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